Joe Biden has no charisma but he has lots of inflation. This does not play well in the Media soaked world. It makes Biden appear out of touch if not blunt stupid. Under Biden so far, inflation is about to hit a 28-year record high. Diesel Fuel just soared over $3.30 a gallon and that raises the cost of all commodities. Lumber, Steel, cement are at record highs and going higher. Biden appears oblivious. 

Meanwhile Joe the Union man clings death to Trump Tariffs as if they were a great idea. They are not. Tariffs cost US Consumers $100 Billion a year and 500,000 jobs. These are good jobs, not burger flippers and hotel domestics. It caused everything in the US Supply Chian to cost more. 

Joe thinks his Trump Tariffs protect Union Jobs. They Don’t.

Study after study of Tariffs raised by US Presidents shows they destroy businesses and jobs, even those jobs they claim to be protecting. Once inflation hits these closed shop operations, demand for protected products falls. The average age of US Cars is now 12 years. People can’t afford BIDEN TRUMP PROTECTIONIST CARS. 

Nobody penetrates the thick fog of Biden’s brain:

Biden now owns TRUMP’s Tariffs. A disaster under Trump they are now a bigger disaster under Union Joe. Biden has no economic aptitude whatsoever. He doesn’t have one real economist in his administration. It is packed full of diversity lightweights with Social Studies degrees. It is pathetic to watch old liver spots drive the US economy off the cliff. 

There is not a single US economist that agrees with BIDEN’s Tariffs. Joseph Stiglitz who is as liberal as an Economist gets, says Tariffs cause recessions and depressions. I agree with that statement without reservation. Smoot Hawley Tariffs converted a garden variety recession into the 15 year Great Depression. 

Steel Companies Lobby for Steel Tariffs, Biden to Double Lumber Tariffs

There are no numbers that support the benefit of Biden’s Tariffs or for that matter his lunacy infrastructure plan. There is no efficiency in any of it. It is all jargon-centered playing politics. That’s all Biden knows how to do. Claiming Biden is an improvement over Trump is absurd. Both share the same moronic populist economic blunders. 

Don’t look to the FED or Jerome Powell. Powell is not an economist. 

If anyone ever had the “Deer in the headlights look” it is Jerome Powell. Quite naturally this is another incompetent Trump pick. That was Trump’s greatest gift, He could find an incompetent in a sea of experts. Trump was a magnet for the intellectual bottom rung. Powell is clueless. 


Overwhelmingly the Midwest that elected Biden wanted those Trump Tariffs removed. But Biden has some crazy notion that it’s 1954 and he is some kind of Jimmy Hoffa oracle. 

Michigan is now a “RIGHT TO WORK STATE”

Wisconsin is a “RIGHT TO WORK STATE”

Indiana is a “RIGHT TO WORK STATE.” 


The Myth that the Midwest was just part of the manufacturing decline: Nope it fell harder; Thank UNIONS.

Economist Lee Ohanian

“The Rust Belt’s share of economywide jobs declined by about 28 percent between 1950 and 1980 and that its share of manufacturing jobs fell by roughly 34 percent. … Moreover, the fact that its share of U.S. manufacturing jobs fell so much demonstrates that the Rust Belt’s fate was not simply part of the general decline in U.S. manufacturing. The Belt’s downturn was uniquely deep and long-lived.”

“In other words, the decline began well before the age of “free trade” agreements and the supposed worldwide takeover by free-market liberals.”

“And thanks to free trade and free movement of labor within the United States, the trend accelerated into the 1990s.”

“Michigan lost 83,000 auto manufacturing jobs … but more than 91,000 new auto manufacturing jobs sprung up in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Texas.” UNIONs Killed the Rust Belt!

Below is a comprehensive economist’s view of the Rust Belt Decline.

The Decline of the U.S. Rust Belt: A Macroeconomic Analysis

This paper demonstrates the Rust Belt died from a lack of competition, lack of labor competition due to unions, a lack of investment to adopt modern technology. Unions always oppose automation and modernization..

The story of the Sun Belt was the opposite. As such, the Sun Belt rejected Unions, adopted modern technology and automation, encouraged labor competition, and innovation. This is not rocket science; to the contrary, this is common sense. 

Joe Biden is walking backwards in Reverse:

If Biden thinks for a minute that Michigan or Wisconsin will suddenly yearn for economic policies and Unions that destroyed the Rust Belt, his Midterms will be interesting. JOE BIDEN will be drowned in Gridlock and replaced by a more level-headed Republican in 2024. Trump was a harmful anomaly but power is power. Republicans will get back on the path. 

BIDEN was supposed to remove the Tariffs. He ran on that platform and got elected on that promise. 

He will be tossed to the gutter by a modern-day Rust Belt that isn’t buying his Jimmy Hoffa BBQ. Worse, Joe Biden’s Tariffs are disproportionately more damaging to the Rust Belt that attempts to modernize and become more competitive. 

Michigan and Wisconsin Voters will turn on Biden like a buzzsaw in 2022. 

Democrats better face reality. Eventually, this Trump wing of the GOP will die off and a smart free trading high-tech Republican will come to power, minus the Xenophobia and Trump insanity. This Biden foray into Big Labor Protectionism will be summarily destroyed. 

Tariffs are destroying the Rust Belt modernization and causing massive inflation and recking havoc with the Supply Chain.


Biden ran on ending Tariffs and instead now owns them. 

Voters don’t like the flip-flopper, especially spineless floppers. At present, Joe Biden is flopping. His Union plunge is a disaster. 

Economists are screaming for Biden to remove tariffs as inflation spins out of control. 

Meanwhile, Steel Worker Unions want tariffs. Biden should be aware that 5 million us jobs are dependent on imported steel. Just 50,000 domestic steelworkers. Those are substantial numbers.

Biden’s just an old Hoffa throwback.

This will all fail. The question of the moment is how much damage Biden will cause on his watch. As far as I can tell; he’s already hit the impasse. 


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