JOE BLOWS A GASKET… USES “H-E” double hockey sticks to insult a woman. Kaitlan Collins asked Joey, “Why are you so confident he’ll [Putin] change his behavior, Mr President?”

BIDEN TRUMPED, “I’m not confident! What the hell? What do you do all the time? When did I say I was confident?”

Collins: “You said in the next six months we’ll be able to determine”

BIDEN TRUMPS AGAIN,  “What I said was … let’s get it straight. What I said was what will change their behavior is if the rest of the world reacts to them and it diminishes their standing in the world. I’m not confident of anything. I’m just stating the facts.”

Collins: “But given his past behavior has not changed and in that press conference after sitting down with you for several hours, he denied any involvement in cyberattacks, he downplayed human rights abuses, he even refused to say Alexei Navalny’s name, so how does that count to a constructive meeting as President Putin framed it?”

BIDEN TRUMPS AGAIN, “If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business.” Biden left in a Trump styled huff. 

Biden later apologized but did not mention the reporter by name, another TRUMP style point. Yup, he’s Joe Trump now.

In law, we would call Biden’s defensive outburst an Admission that his summit was a failure: The nameless apology was Joey’s version of, “I WAS BRAINWASHED?” So where is Plan B now that Plan A “The townspeople plan” has failed. 

The Stockmarket saw this Biden flop and the Dow dumped more than 500 points. Nothing about Biden’s European Xenophobia Telethon Tour could be termed a success. The mission was to turn the “townspeople” against China and Putin. We have all seen how that works out in the westerns. 

Even Greece announced today, they were not going to discontinue their relationship with the Chinese Belt and Road initiative. Italy has little to gain and much to lose by entering a Trade war with China. Italy needs trade to prevent itself from Collapsing the EU economy. Germany wants China Trade and Russian Natural Gas. Thus the idea of aligning with the USA to fight Biden’s cold war ambitions with China and Russia was an old school dud. 

Further to complicate matters for Biden is that Europe is now on guard for the next Trump. Thus trust is gone in the US Presidency. Perhaps the Chinese method of trading with everyone is a better idea than being a sacrificial lamb for the US bullying ambitions. 

Trade has always been the way of the future. 

It is difficult to be an enemy of a good customer. Trade builds trust relationships. Trade by its nature is apolitical. It makes little difference whether the Cocoa grown on the Ivory Coast oppresses some segment of the population or not. The quality of the Cocoa, is the traders chief concern, not meddling in the politics of a country.

Trade makes countries more affluent and raises the oppressed populations out of poverty. Production, meaningful work and trade are the pillars of capitalism. Don’t confuse capitalism with democracy. They are not the same. And don’t confuse US foreign policy with democracy. It is all self-serving hegemony.  You burned the Middle East to the ground, and killed millions of people, over oil. 

This was Joe Bite’s pitch for the Uyghurs. Uyghurs Who? Then Joe Bite threw Boeing Under the Airbus.

Biden did this to get France and a few other European countries to move against China. In doing so, Biden threw out the protectionism against Airbus which can now compete freely in the USA with Boeing, while Boeing is being crushed by Trump Biden Tariffs.

Meanwhile, Trump’s Tariffs have nearly destroyed Boeing’s supply chain, which cannot get parts for their 737 Max flying fiasco. Further, Europe is still infuriated over Trump’s Aluminum and Steel Tariffs against Europe under Trump’s National Security Claim. Imagine Partners in NATO representing a National Security Risk to the USA. Europe remains angry over this. Did Biden end those Tariffs? NOPE. 

Boeing’s CEO stated four weeks ago that Joe Biden needed to get off the Uyghurs bit and quit mixing business with politics. Boeing cannot fund more 737 Max flying rocks without China, the world’s largest market buying them.

China can now buy Airbus without offending Joe Biden or Trump’s laughable PHASE I TRADE DEAL.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s attempt to buy friendship and favour in Europe has Airbus whisking off to China to make sales. Not exactly what Bite had in mind. 

Why did Biden do this? To Nancy Kerrigan kneecap China who is finalizing airworthiness of the Comac C919 using CFM International LEAP engines.

UM JOE…. China is the largest buyer of Aircraft in the world. How does this Kneecap China’s C919? It Doesn’t. The C919 narrowbody will sell well in China and Asia. The developmental cost was 10 Billion v 5 Billion for the MAX. The interior of the C919 is more roomy and comfortable as is the forward pilot cabin. The Max seats roughly 30 more passengers. Fuel efficiency is similar. Both engines are similar with the C 919 being slightly more fuel-efficient but carries 30 fewer passengers.

The narrowbody field has a few other global competitors but Boeing and Airbus lead. The advantage of C919 is local Chinese Carriers and establishing the brand to achieve Boeing and Airbus level of support and safety. The Boeing MAX safety record is a large negative.
So China international carriers will buy the Airbus or Boeing, though Boeing MAX is presently grounded in China. Local Carriers in China will buy the C919.

The CRAIC CR929 widebody is under development now with a Russian partnership.

So what did Joe Bite Accomplish? Nothing, except he made Macron temporarily happy and he threw Boeing under the Airbus on behalf of the Uyghurs. I think it is safe to say Trade policy based on the Uyghurs is a total flop.

Biden should have dropped the Steel and Aluminum tariffs. The aluminium alloys used in modern Aircraft are not made in the USA, many are from Rusal that owns the lion’s share of the important aerospace alloy patents. Russian metallurgy is the most advanced in the world.

This begs the question who the “H-E” double hockey sticks is advising Biden? Could be Stink’in Blinken? Whoever they are, they have flopped flat on their faces. Biden’s European Tour was a major flop. Joe’s anti-China platform is the major fulcrum in all his borrow and spend plans and it has failed in Europe which leaves the USA isolated again in the era of Trump, now Joe Trump.

Biden’s Plan A is over. What’s Plan B? To Continue with Plan A? 

LOL ain’t it a Bite Murica, to live in a Global World? Yeah Trump was a real yuge gynus… “Trade wars are good and easy to win…” Just remember this EUROPE and Canada and Mexico. Joe Biden has Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum claiming they are a matter of National Security. Hmm looks like you’re the enemy of the USA, Joe Biden’s enemy list





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