The TRUMP BIDEN genius for American economic ruin has no end. In their fervour to delist Chinese firms from US Exchanges, the economic Xenophobic HAZMAT twins have another Tariff Problem. China doesn’t pay for this you do. In fact, Chinese firms can take their USA IPO money and run.

The 800 lbs gorilla in the rooms is whether the US Government will let you invest in Chinese Growth. Politicians who have been in power forever like Schumer, Biden, Pelosi, McConnell have done a great job gaming China as the cause of all US economic woes and US Government mismanagement of the economy. When in fact China’s rise has been the lifeline preventing the inevitable US economic collapse.

Let’s talk about the Delisting of Chinese Stocks as arbitrary and capricious US Politician Conduct. As many know I call this strained US policy the “Nancy Kerrigan Kneecapping Foreign Policy.” 

So first we need the REASON for delisting. Trump’s Executive Order said these delisted companies were “Chinese Military Companies”… This exploding cigar was delivered to Joe Biden since the provisions didn’t occur until after Biden was sworn into office. Instead of reversing this silly Trump scam along with Trump Tariffs, Biden went to court to defend it and lost two cases out of two. Then Biden called a three-week delay and came up with his delisting scheme.

This time Biden vaguely regarded companies that do business with the Chinese Military and companies that build stuff that is used to keep an eye on the Uyghurs. So those are your reasons.

Biden apparently thinks investors buy stock to support how a company’s products are used. So does that mean Biden should delist Tobacco companies? Plenty of non-smokers own tobacco stocks. To get into Biden’s head is a trip to an empty tomb. 

So who does it hurt if anyone, since that is the new purpose in the Nancy Kerrigan kneecapping foreign policy? US foreign policy purpose is to deliver insults and antagonism… Kneecapping.

Delisting Chinese Stocks does not hurt China or the Chinese Companies delisted, as TRUMP BIDEN intended. Or did this fall into the moronic Nancy Karrigan Kneecapping petty US foreign policy? This is a case of “Take the IPO Money and run.”

How does this work?

A Chinese company or for that matter any global company can apply for an Initial Public Offering, an IPO.  Investment Bankers evaluate the value of the business and set the initial share price and the stock can be sold to the public. It must file disclosures and meet the approval of the Securities Exchange Commission. SEC disclosure rules vary.

All Chinese companies that file IPOs and are listed on US exchanges have met the requirements of the SEC and Exchanges. 

Once filed an opening date is arranged and the new IPO stock gets listed on the exchange and sold to the public. The money raised by the IPO goes to the company in exchange for stock that goes to the investors. 

At this point, the shares of stock are distributed and the company gets the IPO cash. The stock then trades on the exchanges at fair market value or simply what the public wants to pay for existing shares, called the float. 

Essentially the IPO transfers money to the company and stock to the public. Then along comes the Economic Hazmat Twins, Trump and Biden. Clearly, neither knows a thing about the Stock Market. The Hazmat Twins claim these are Chinese Military Companies and when that fails Biden claims the products are used to watch the Uyghur. But Joe, the products are still sold in the USA.

Using the chewed dog bone of National Security the Hazmat Twins order toy drone companies, home surveillance camera companies, smartphone makers, telecommunications companies delisted. This is dictated by Executive Orders, not laws. Xiaomi proved that the cases were easy to win. Why aren’t most of the Biden delistings not bothering to fight in Court? Why waste the money. Just take the IPO dough and go. 

Hazmat Twins delisting orders. Who gets harmed?

1) US shareholders get harmed. US Investors get hurt in the short term.

Since this is a 5th Amendment Taking, the Gov must pay FMV for the shares they destroyed. In a similar way to the Gov. running a highway through your living room. Investors’ stocks get hit by sellers and delisted. And of Course members of commerce know in advance and can sell the stocks short. 

In some but not all instances the stockholders can convert to Hong Kong shares. But The Hazmat Twins claim no US resident can own these stocks even in Hong Kong. Though they have no penalty for doing so in their half-baked Executive Orders. The US Government however will have to pay shareholders FMV for this 5th Amendment Taking. Joe claims to be a great legal mind. Trump made the same claims about himself.

A 5th Amendment taking makes the Government liable for their destructive conduct. 

2) US Exchanges get harmed dramatically. One of the primary reasons Saudi Aramco did not run their IPO off the New York Stock Exchange was Trump’s chatter about delisting Chinese firms and the prior history of the US seizing assets of Saudi citizens in the USA. One day the US is your friend, the next you are on Trump Biden’s enemy list.  US Exchanges continue to run Chinese IPOs thanks in part to Sarbox Oxley legislation that makes it difficult for small US firms to IPO.

3) Taxpayers get harmed. When the government acts in a way that takes your property, diminishes its value, the Government owes you fair market value for your property. That is a 5th Amendment Taking. New Supreme Court rulings allow direct access to the Federal Courts. Taxpayers will ultimately have to pay shareholders of the property Trump and Biden took from them. But Trump and Biden are… are… Gynuses! Yeah they sure are. 

4) The United States gets harmed. The US economy requires foreign investors to buy US Debt. By making enemies with China and Russia for example. They may stop buying US Debt. In fact, there has been a steady decline in foreign investment into the US over the last 10 years, and the worst in modern history under Trump and Biden. 

Hazmat Twins delisting orders. Who does not get harmed?

1) China is not harmed and they don’t pay Trump Biden Tariffs either. China would prefer Chinese companies list on the Hong Kong exchange. And China has liberalized the rules to allow more global investors access to the Hong Kong and Chinese exchanges. Hong Kong is presently the fourth largest exchange in the world and growing. 

In the last year, for example, Both ALIBABA the largest IPO in US history, and BIDU filed Hong Kong IPOs. They did this because of Trump’s threats to delist Chinese Firms.  Trump should have looked at that and stopped his silly delisting lunacy. But instead, he passed it to Biden with his childish Executive Order to take effect after Biden took Office. This is one of the few Executive Orders Biden did not reverse. Biden went on instead to lose two quick cases in the Federal Court. One of the cases was the Xiaomi injunction.

The Government of China has no interest in US Exchanges and would prefer foreign companies to IPO in Hong Kong. 

2) Chinese Companies are not hurt by delisting from US Exchanges. They can take their IPO money and run. They can abandon US shareholders entirely. The US Government has to pick up the tab as a 5th Amendment taking. 

3) With the exception of Huawei products, all companies delisted by Trump Biden, the Economic Hazmat twins, have products that freely flow into the US stream of commerce. So Trump referred to “CHINESE COMPANIES” in his endless hate speeches and Biden claimed, “The products were used against the Uyghur.” Yet the products flow freely into the US Stream of Commerce. 

Below is an example of DJI drone footage… But but but TRUMP BIDEN doesn’t want you owning stock in DJI… you might get rich. DJI drones are at the top of the pyramid. 

You can buy the DJI droned in the USA. But you can’t own DJI stock because of the Uyghurs.

Biden and Trump said no US residents may own DJl, the drone company. YET YET YET, DJI products freely enter the US stream of commerce. If the products are used against the Uyghurs, why are investors being penalized rather than the products?

Which hurts a company more… stopping US investors or blocking products? Products make profits, not shareholders. Shareholders only benefit from profits. This is another example of Politicians punishing Citizens and the USA. Just like Trump Biden Tariffs, China doesn’t pay, you do. And now with delisting, Citizens will pay under a 5th Amendment taking. Trump and Biden must think the purpose of a hammer is to hit fingernails.

What “SUPPORTS” a company more… owning their stock or buying their products?  Trump and Biden are idiots. 


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