Sadly my father was a redneck. Not a traditional redneck mind you. He didn’t have sloppy Alabamy styled speech or chaw, and he did believe in education but he could not escape his Southern Fried jealousy even over petty matters. That made him more dangerous than a Southern Fried Redneck in that he still functioned and had some control over the lives of others. Good luck if you were a minority or Asian. My father was a cocktail primed smoldering sardonic bigot, unaware apparently that one’s nationality or race, is not a matter of individual choice.

Conventional American rednecks have no control over anything but they do promote the mindless populist Xenophobic movement.

As I child at the coast, I finally got my own fishing pole and reel. I couldn’t wait to try it out. For the year prior I had hung out with an old man who loved surf fishing. Whenever I saw him on the beach, I would talk to him for hours and learn about fishing. He taught me to tie fisherman knots and how to clean fish, and bait hooks. He even gave me a couple of rigs and hooks to practice my knots.

I was amazed that he always caught fish. And he always had time for me and my endless questions. I was 11 and he was about 75. His name was Mr Liddy. I guess I am one of the few keepers of his memory; perhaps the only one. By telling my story, I keep his memory alive.

The day I got my fishing pole and reel, which I paid for out of my childhood earnings from clams which I sold to the fishery, I couldn’t wait to catch some fish. I was immediately ridiculed by my half lit father and older brother that I could never catch fish at low tide. 

I caught a flounder on my third cast. Which taught me the fallacy of tide charts. The key to fishing and catching fish is to fish. 

When I brought my fish home, instead of celebrating with me, my father remarked “beginner’s luck” and turned away. My brother of course joined in and said the fish was small. It wasn’t. 

Without hesitation, I gathered up my fishing gear and my flounder in a bucket and I headed over to Mr Liddy’s house. Mrs Liddy cooked up my fish for me and we celebrated my first catch. Everything I had learned about tying my rigs, baiting hooks, and casting, I learned from Mr Liddy. The man who always caught fish. And now I had joined him as the kid that caught fish even at low tide. 

Lesson 2 was that you can’t let nasty people steer your life even if they are your family. Celebrate your little surprise victories, alone if need be, they don’t come often in life. 

Well you say that’s not such a great story. Maybe your father was just having a bad day. True. But he had a lot of bad days. One event that infuriated him was the day I went to the shoe store to get some sneakers. The salesman measured my feet, size 10, and said, “You are going to be over 6’4″ tall.” I was elated and I went home and told my father what the salesman had said. 

Half lit as always, my father told me I was out of my mind and the guy in the store was crazy. This went on all night and the next weeks at regular intervals and for years. My father was 6’2″ or he claimed to be and there was no reason for him to be so angry. But then it dawned on me that if I were 6’4″ tall, I would be taller than he was. And that was what this was about. 

By the time I was 14, I was 5’10 and by 16, I was in fact 6’4″ and heading to 6’6″ and muscular from surfing.

I was also out of the house as the attacks on me became more violent. I finally had enough of my older brother and beat the crap out of him. My father attacked me physically for the last time and I punched a hole through the wall, two inches from his face. I had had enough of this crap. I left that night for my life with just the clothing on my back. 

To use a metaphor, I was China, my father Redneck America and my older brother, Redneck Australia. Their goal throughout my youth and growing years was to stop me. But they couldn’t. Endless antagonism turning into physical confrontation. They were playing with fire. 

It was never an easy road for me knowing that I was hated just because I was destined to be bigger and stronger than my father or my brother. Because I was on my own as a teen, I suffered absolute penury. I became my own home, on my own struggling every day but keeping my own dignity. I don’t recommend the hard life but it is vastly better than being ridiculed by rednecks. Education would be my saving grace. I focused on my possibilities, not the day and night ridicule that had told me all my life that I was just unfit dirt.

“Has it ever occurred to you that part of being a parent is tryin’ to kill your kids.”               Arnie Cunningham

This is exactly the same story with China as its economy has exploded and its mass and scale have become enormous. The US under Trump especially is jealous and petty. Biden is no ideologue, so his adherence to Trump’s antagonism of China is for lack of intelligence. Biden is a stupid man; perhaps more so a bluntly stupid man.

So what is the fear here this time around with China? Did China go to the shoe store or catch a flounder at low tide? The fear is Xi. This is amusing. When Biden does something, it usually flies into chaos. This applied to Trump as well. But it is always assumed that Xi will always be 100% effective in everything he does and two, it will always hurt the investment interests of those with Chinese company investments. That’s the read. And that read is absurd. 

What is really going on here?

If you care to listen to someone intelligent, listen to Paul Keating the former Prime Minister of Australia. At present the current PM of Australia is Morrison and he has basically become the fire shield for Trump / now Biden in a moronic war against China. In my play, soon to open on Broadway, Poodle Australia will be played by my redneck older brother wherever he is because I don’t know or care. 

Keating informed that China, unlike the former Soviet Union, is not threatening nuclear war or gobbling up countries or forcing its ideology on anyone else.

China has been content to manage its own lands without expanding into taking over other nations. Further Australia is 11 hours by air from China. So the unrealistic notion that China would like to take over Australia is absurd. Keating said that China is not “attacking or forcibly incorporating countries into a grand union,” nor “exporting some kind of universal ideology.” But you can’t tell a redneck that. Rednecks are petty jealous and green-eyed of everything. 

“Yet the government [of Australia], both through its foreign policy incompetence and fawning compulsion to please America, effectively has us in a cold war with China.”    Paul Keating

Keating also talked about Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton, saying the minister’s “baseless implication that China might be a military aggressor is actually a posture China has never shown any sign of.”

“The Morrison government is needlessly and irresponsibly pushing Australia towards a headlong confrontation with China — and doing it, in the main, to be seen in Washington as America’s fawning acolyte.”                                         Paul Keating

In the US the great fear of Trumpers is primarily is that China is getting bigger and stronger than the USA. China must have gone to the shoe store. Just as every redneck father hates it when his kid grows to be taller and stronger than redneck daddy or worse if the kid goes off to college, especially an Ivy League College. These are the insane forms of insults that rednecks feel when they get left behind again. Projected loserhship. Apparently, the self-worth of all rednecks is their ability to bully others. Once that ends, out pours the xenophobia, antagonism, and moronic angry rants of victimization.

China is not about to slow its growth. In fact, it is accelerating that growth as the US expends countless inefficient suicidal hours trying to stop Chinese growth.

Xi has done a good job expanding Chinese growth and is making some modifications which is felt to improve the life of the Chinese.

One of these is not testing Chinese kids at young ages. Too bad if this harms your after school tutoring stocks. It is better for the kids. And Xi wants to limit online games to a reasonable time frame. China wants their kids to be outside playing sports and getting along with others. All of these are plus factors.

But the main point is all the US poodles will be rolled under if they want to play Cold War with China. China growth in Asia is double-digit. It is not going to stop because some contingent of rednecks and the fearful boomers resent the young strong powerful newcomer China. China is the largest and most successful economy and trader in the world. Get used to it. 


China Trade and exports at record levels in August…  US financial media had been forecasting a Chinese Slowdown. When propaganda gets in the way of reality. 

US Businesses continue to try to get Biden to end Trump Tariffs and develop an intelligent Chinese trade policy.  We consider this idea impossible. Biden is programmed for failure and with it will go the US Economy. Trump and Biden are economic failures. 


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