Where did these idiots get their legal training? There is something incompetent about Government lawyers of every stripe. Are they really as stupid as they seem? Trump’s TRAVEL BAN CIRCUS is making its way around the country from one liberal court to another. Liberals are simply incapable of forming cogent legal arguments. For example another roll model for little black girls had her five minutes of fame. Victoria A. Roberts a black Bill Clinton appointed Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan [DETROIT WHERE ELSE!] ordered the Trump Administration to turn over a memo written by Rudy Giuliani that was offered to Trump to assist in avoiding a charge of Muslim discrimination. What rubbish. AMATEUR HOUR FEDERAL APPEALS COURTS MEET TRUMPS TRAVEL BAN FLOUNDERING GOV ATTORNEYS.



Think about the absolutely incomprehensible stupidity of this clearly unlawful order by this partisan judge.

Rudy Giuliani has nothing whatsoever to do with Trump’s Executive Order. This opens a cesspool that attempts to suck anyone offering advice to Trump into this politically correct vortex where anticipating political headwinds is some kind of hate crime. This black double whammy Judge is out to lunch. Worse she has to know it. She has to know she will be reversed. But she doesn’t care. She is only here to supply impediments and block the activities of someone she doesn’t like.


Justice is supposed to be blind!

All persons are supposed to be treated impartially by the Courts. Is Trump being treated impartially? No. Why? Trump is unlikable. He’s a braggart. He’s rude beyond reason. He has essentially no manners. Unlike Al Czervik from the movie Caddyshack, Trump is not funny. Calling a woman a pig, talking about grabbing some woman’s pussy is crass beyond acceptability. Trump is RUDE! He is Boorish. He’s a lout. Does that mean he should be treated lesser in the Courts? No. In fact that is where the Courts must suck it up because as unlikable as Trump is, he is entitled to his reckless political free speech without exception.

If Trump irks liberal judges and they punish Trump in some way, then the Courts have failed the Constitution. This is also why the Supreme Court will Rule in Trump’s favor. Worse, Trump will think of it as a “Win” when the slop and schism left behind damages the country. These Liberal judges will be overruled for the simple reason that you cannot read somebody’s mind least of which is the Fifth Grader mind of Donald Trump.


Trump’s legal counsel is the worst I have ever seen. I am simply shocked at the conduct of the Government lawyers in these courts.

Here is a perfect example.  This is Jeffrey B. Wall the charter member of the Trump “B” Team of government lawyers.

Jeffrey B. Wall is the acting United States solicitor general. Why? Trump’s actual Solicitor General has had to recuse himself because his former law firm opposed Trump’s Travel Ban. That speaks volumes for Trump’s lack of preparedness and his endless poor judgment over Administrative picks.

TRUMP’s Cheap Talk Defense:

Wall said the Executive order should simply be taken at face value and Courts should not try to assess Trump’s motives. Wall stated that “MOST” of Trump’s statements were campaign talk, “Candidates talk about things on the campaign trail all the time.”

Wall’s use of the term “MOST” opens the door to those statements that were made after the campaign. How utterly stupid. Opening the door means opening opposing cross examination by using a statement as a defense.  Wall is using Trump’s cheap talk as a defense. He implies that most of Trump talk is cheap talk only. But most is not all. So the barn door of inquiry is opened by Trump’s own attorney! It gets worse.

It has nothing to do with Muslims… and if you believe that I have a Trump Bridge in Brooklyn for sale:

“This is not a Muslim ban,” Wall said. “It has nothing to do with religion. Its operation has nothing to do with religion.”

Does anyone on the planet actually believe Wall’s statement? Of course this has to do with Muslim’s. It has to do with a subset of Muslim’s known as Jihadists that potentially endanger the lives of US Citizens. We have 3000 dead Americans to prove it. The vetting processes of the US Government are in need of serious revision.

By saying the ban has nothing to do with Muslim Religion this defense literally opens the door to the Court’s inquiry about the Muslim Religion. All defenses open very narrow doors. Don’t use the defense if it doesn’t help your cause. What Wall should have said is that the ban is on immigration from countries known to have sponsored Terrorism. The order temporarily inconveniences all persons that are citizens of these countries or traveling to the United States from these countries.

Judge Barbara Milano Keenan remarked to Wall, “You’re talking about 82 million people…  There has to be something about those people’s nationality that renders them suspect.”



Judge Keenan asked Wall this question:  “Suppose that a candidate had said daily that he would ban Muslims on his first day in office because ‘they’re bad people’. Do you really mean we can’t consider the statements?”


Mr. Wall responded that “there might be reason to do so if the situation were that extreme.” [My God he didn’t actually say this did he? Yup he sure did! That’s an admission. That goes way beyond opening the door!]

Judge Dennis W. Shedd laughed, “Mr. Wall, you’re cracking that door.”

Mr. Wall responded, “We think the door is shut.”

“You just opened it,” said Shedd.

How should Wall have responded? He should have said that unbridled political free speech is protected by the First Amendment and that Donald Trump doesn’t lose his First Amendment rights retrospectively when he acts under an Executive power granted by Congress. Instead Wall fumbled like a first year law student in need of diapers.


At some point one should ask whether Trump’s Legal Team is intentionally trying to lose these appeals.

No wonder Trump is being chewed up in every liberal court in the country. His legal counsel is assisting the opposition.

Is the Supreme Court going to rescue Trump?

Unquestionably it will have to reign in these liberal judges and these political Federal Courts. The Court will be split down party lines but to the victors go the spoils. Rule of law must be firmly established and this includes limiting Court inquiries to the four corners of documents and not trying to cipher meaning when the language itself is not ambiguous.

Trump doesn’t lose his executive power because he is a Rude person. His personality and behavior is meaningless to the interpretation of unambiguous documents.


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