A Democratic Party Suicide Bomber like AL FRANKEN should not test his detonator in public. Bad things can happen!  AL FRANKEN the fake funnyman blew himself to pieces during an interchange with James COMEY director of the FBI. Apparently nobody ever told FRANKEN the old lawyer saw that you never ask a question to which you do not already know the answer. AL FRANKEN BTCHSLAPS HIMSELF UGLY FBI COMEY SAYS TRUMP RUSSIAN TIES POLITICAL FICTION.


The most unqualified ever to sit as a US Senator. Only in Minnesota can you find enough douche bags to vote for an ugly creep like this.


Here is the classic exchange. between COMEY and FRANKEN… and career ending spat by FRANKEN.

Democrats were clinging death to the idea that COMEY would give them the smoking TRUMP PUTIN GUN. He did. He gave Franken a loaded gun and Franken proceeded to shoot himself in public and on tape!


“Putin believed he would be more able to make deals with someone with a business background,” said Comey.  FRANKEN snarled  “Wasn’t that because Trump was ensnared in their web of patronage?” “No,” said Comey.

Come again… “No,” said Comey.

“No,” said Comey.

Come again…. “No,” said Comey.

No, no, no, no……

Uh Oh!  Even in Minnesota there is a sense of pariah about FANKEN now. Nobody is laughing.  The fake funnyman has taken the fall. Other democrats had warned not to continue to press the Trump Russian story because it was a fictional land mine. It was Hillary Clinton / Obama fiction. It was the Benghazi youtube video.  But FRANKEN decided on his own to take the lead.  “No,” said Comey. And on this day… AL FRANKEN died for all the Liberal Sins of the world and spent the night in hell.


Its gets worse for Franken and the libs.

Trump isn’t even a focus of the FBI investigation. Neither are any of his associates or campaign staff. It is a completely null set!


“No” means Nope! 



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