There is a new victim in town… the Trump Nazi has arrived. Yeah yeah yeah I know Trump is now trying to deny it just like he denied calling the White House a Dump. Trump’s denials are tiring. We at CashMcCall are all for Free Speech, even snowflake hate speech, genderspeak, and the whole pile of garbage spewed into our living rooms by the nuts. Just because we tolerate nutty talk doesn’t mean we approve of it. Let’s get one thing straight, Hitler was a Socialist. This nonsensical view by liberals that Hitler was merely a right winged republican is moronic. Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei is the National-Socialist German Workers’ Party. Note the term “Socialist” right Bernie? Nazi is just a slang term used derogatorily. Hitler never called himself a NAZI. ABRAHAM TRUMP FREES JACK BOOTED WHITE SUPREMACIST NAZI SLAVES.



Let the Democratic Party Cleansing Continue:

The Democratic Party is the party of hate. They were the American Slaver party. One of their direct spawn was the KKK. The American NAZI party sprang right from the KKK not from Germany. It is all one big happy Democratic party legacy. The legacy of hate. Today they are socialists attempting to curtail the hate speech of their legacy spew by shackling free speech for all others.


Blackie is simply lost in the sauce.

I find it fascinating that Blacks are generally Democrats; well 97% Democrat. Think about it. The Party of Slavery owns the Black Vote. That is an irony that approaches hilarity. Martin Luther King by the way was a registered republican. He didn’t get Sharpton Jackson sucker punched into becoming a Slaver party apologist. But that fits the race hustlers Jackson and Sharpton to a “T”.

97% of little Black kids are born out of wedlock. That is a disgrace. If you mix in Whites and Hispanics you get 54% of all US Births Out of Wedlock. What’s that tell you? Blacks oppose marriage or they prefer the STATE raising their kids. What other society did this? Hitler’s Socialist Society had women having babies for the Reich. The Children were removed from home and the STATE became their mother’s and fathers. Just like Black kids today. But you can’t talk about this because the Democrats don’t want to be reminded of their conduct.


In Democratic party Slave times, Families were a bad Idea for Blacks.

The Democrats who had slaves would buy and sell the children like cattle and pigs. No point in marriage and families for Blacks. All of that has carried over into the modern day Democratic Slaver Party. But the linchpin is the Democratic spin which tries to claim that dependency on handouts is not only harmless but good! Think about those 97% of little Black kids… they can’t fend for themselves. The man that fathered them doesn’t give a rat’s behind what happens to them and the Democrats use this Hitler Government child raising standards as recruitment for more Democrats seeking handouts. Democrats are using Blackie. Plus they are fed Michele Obama’s pretend “healthy” cheap diet. This should be consider cruel and unusual punishment.

But alas nobody can criticize Blackie because that would be a hate crime. But handouts and lifetime dependency is an act of Love by the KKK Democratic Party. Go figure.


How do you break the cycle by electing TRUMP?

Heaven’s no! Trump needs plenty of slaves for himself and his children. RINOs are just as into slavery as the Democrats. You don’t think Paul Ryan mows his own grass around his walled Mansion do you? You don’t think Mitch McConnell is doing yard work do you? Slaves do that crap work. Obama and Trump call that “JOBS.” The most in demand Jobs in the Obama and Trump reigns of terror have been bar-tending jobs. Yes I would like a Moscow Mule please.


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With Trump and Obama alcohol consumption in MERICA has nearly doubled.


So how did Abraham Trump Free the Nazi slaves?

Trump was not Tolerating Free Speech but Advocating Free Speech Content. These are two entirely different semantic concepts. I love the loser that goes online and tells everyone he will die so that some Nazi can have free speech in America. First off that is a blatant lie. Nobody is dying for anyone’s free speech. In fact most people are such morons they should just stuff a bloody OJ sock in it.

Free Speech is not why wars especially CIA wars are fought. They are fought because the youth of America is sent into battle by old fools and tin soldiers that use platitudes to justify political wars that kill somebody else’s free speech and other activities they don’t like. It’s arbitrary. Quit window dressing war. It stinks to high heaven.

Why did Bush II go to war in Iraq? “Saddam Hussein threatened my Daddy’s life!” There you go. $6 Trillion down the toilet and  4,424 deaths and 31,952 wounded in ACTION. Was Bush’s Daddy worth that? Hell NO!

Now we have Abraham Trump fighting in Afghanistan for the 17th YEAR and he’s gonna WIN WIN WIN! Bush lost and Obama lost and now the dumbest of the bunch TRUMP is going to WIN WIN WIN.

Win what? There ain’t nothing in Afghanistan worth winning.

Abraham Trump is fighting so your NAZI kids will have the right to NAZI speech content and free sexual reassignment surgeries. Welcome to MERICA. We have spread more liberal toxin to the world than any other country in history. But but but we free the world from tyranny by imposing our own tyranny and puppet governments on slaves. Trump just gave $350 billion in weapons to a Saudi Dictatorship that cuts people’s heads off if in public for disagreeing with the king.


To Abraham Trump, the fact the Nazis had a permit makes their content activity a wonderful form of self-expression.

Trump is so stupid he thinks a PERMIT is a Government content approval! The Government is not approving of any content. They are merely controlling time and place so the rest of the citizens are not inconvenienced or blocked from going about their business. That is why the moment that some counter protesters start to block cars or pedestrians the Cops Move in and declare it an unlawful assembly. Arrests are made.

Abraham Trump’s view was the Permit gave the Nazis more rights than the counter protesters. That’s just moronic. Everyone’s free speech rights are identical. The permit is irrelevant. But Trump knows nothing about the Law or the Constitution. But he can sure Tweet like a rabid idiot.

He approaches everything like a fifth grader. “They had a permit to speak their NAZI TRASH!” NO THEY DIDN’T! They had a permit which set time and place of assembly so they would not inconvenience the public.


One thing that deserves notice. People of Southern Heritage are not NAZIS!

This Democratic Party cleansing that has bundled people of Southern Heritage in with NAZIS is disgusting. It is stirring bad blood from a Democratic Party that brought you the KKK in living color.

We recently did an article on Silent Sam of the University of North Carolina. Click here. Since this article there are now protesters and defacers going after this statute. These are just punk “book burners” in the LIBERAL SOCIALIST NAZI TRADITION.

I don’t really give a crap. UNC has bent over backwards with their Affirmative Action on Steroids. They went so far as to create FAKE Classes for Football players so they could graduate with degrees. A Black Professor was in charge of the FAKE Classes. Of course that is not racism. That is Affirmative Action taken to its ultimate conclusion. UNC basically gave black athletes degrees for no class attendance. Now that is progressive! I say let the animals tear the place apart. UNC planted its own seeds of Affirmative Action Destruction. If you look closely at most of these progressive liberal state campuses the story is identical. It is all about hypersensitive Affirmative Action on Steroids.


Affirmative Action and Nepotism should both be outlawed.

They are the two faces of the same coin… Heads you lose, tails you lose. So much for the Jeffersonian ideal that this country would be a society based on merit. Its not. It’s nepotism and Affirmative action and everyone else gets the leftovers.

These Universities are corrupt. They have planted the seeds of their own demise. Let the wild animals tear these Universities to the ground. These are not places of Southern Heritage that need defending. These universities are corrupt socialist cesspools, paid for by Taxpayers dollars to cut the throats of qualified students in favor of Nepotism and Affirmative Action.

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