Trump proves the Hobbsian tenant… “Life is short solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” One more year for Trump to taunt, repeat like a bad burrito, and carry his world-class denseness into a catastrophic accident. A quirky personality is not much of a problem if it is balanced with significant intelligence. But when moored to a dope, a personality disorder can cause significant damage.


Is the Kid Zombie real or stuffed? Hard to tell. Weird. Then again maybe after four years of Trump, most Americans will have that same glazed eye look as Kid Zombie.

New names being floated for the second year reality White House Show are…

Make Room for Trump…

Leave it to Kid Zombie…

My Three Basket Cases…

You’re Impeached…

Prenuptual Father… with Xi Jinping as The Zany Chinese Houseboy.


Trump has no political, philosophical or moral compass. Each day is akin to sliding on ice wearing slippery shoes.

He is not what you would call a “good man.” Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were good men.  Trump is peculiar. As we have said before, we don’t know much about BARRON TRUMP other than he might want to consider changing that ridiculous first name. Perhaps Tom Trump would work. “Call Tom Trump for your plumbing needs.”


Rosey O’Donnell claims Barron is Autistic and that may be true but we don’t know that as a fact. What we do know is the kid takes a weird picture and always looks displaced. Maybe the photographers need to be FIRED! That is why we call him Kid Zombie because his photos give us the creeps. Trump is just as weird as Kid Zombie. Sooner or later, Trump is going to burn his last supporter to the ground.


Trump, Trophy, and Kid Zombie as a dysfunctional as it gets. Look at Melanie. Remember the “hand slapping” jazz in Saudi? What was that?

Melanie asserting her right to make a public scene. Think about it. Here she is 25 years younger than Trump and she has to make a show of dignity with the hand slapping? Who’s she kidding? The only reason she is with Trump is the MONEY HONEY! There is no other reason. Further, he has a demeaning Pre-Nuptial agreement so as Trump said to the widow of the Green Beret; paraphrasing, “She knew what she was signing up for.”

There is more to being a First Lady than playing “Dress up BARBIE!” So far Trophy hasn’t shown any inclination for doing anything other than decorating herself. Her English Skills are still in the “How do you say… Transcontinentinental Railroad” stage. Can’t Trump afford an English and Speech Coach. He would probably shove that one down the taxpayer’s throats too. So far Trump has spent an amazing 30% of his Presidency at one of his Resorts… paid in full by the US Taxpayers to the tune of $100 million this year alone! Trump is the biggest Taxpayer pickpocket in history. As I said, he is not what you would call a “Good” man.


Then there is Kid Zombie: Barron Von Zombie

The Kid takes a weird photo.  So who is to blame… his fawning Trophy mommy or groper grifter Trump? Whatever it is something is not meshing. For Trump who claims to live in a world of self-proclaimed superlatives, having spawned KID ZOMBIE has to be the fickled fate joker having a hardy laugh. Either that or it is Rosey O’Donnell throwing some “Pig” back at Trump. Worse the more they attempt to make Kid Zombie appear “normal” the more abnormal and out of place he looks. Kid Zombie is not going to be able to hide from the press forever.


This is an Election Year.

If Trump acts in a similar way as he did in 2017, the Democrats will sweep the House and Senate. RINO Republicans are not predicting this. But real Reagan and Jeffersonian Republicans are not going to vote for any more RINOs. If 24% of the non-RINO Republicans stay home, the Democrats sweep. That won’t hurt the Conservative causes having gridlock restored to government. Trump has proven to be a void filled with the RINO Swamp agenda. This ultimately is a Bush Third Term.  This will be a horrific election for the GOP which is now inexplicably 100% RINO.


Trump’s boorish rudeness will inspire a very energetic opposition as it did most recently in Alabama and Virgina.

The empty suit parallels between Obama and Trump are stunning. Once Obama and the Democrats pushed through Obamacare, they were dead. After that Obama was a two-term lame duck. Trump is unlikely to get a second term having lost 64% of the independents that voted for him and 24% of Republicans that think of themselves as Reagans and Jeffersonians.

After Trump has outspent Obama by over 30% and increased the Debt at twice the rate of Obama, soon the Grifter will be “talking up” smaller government looking to hook the suckers once again. BTY… where is that TRUMP WALL and those across-state lines cheap medical policies?


In the case of Trump, his idiotic RINO TAX will be his Crowning Obama style Legislative triumph just like the one-aisle Obamacare.

Trump now has a one-vote majority in the Senate. That more or less ends his RINO SWAMP. The only thing Trump can now become is a liberal like his daughter. That will guarantee Trump to be a one-term wonder. Trump is already pushing Dreamer Amnesty with his RINOs and the Democrats.

Unless the Democrats are so stupid as to run yet another novelty candidate, they will have little trouble defeating Trump in 2020.


Here is an example of how Trump aims to lose any voter with a brain.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!

This guy’s a nitwit!

Of course, Trump’s living in a dream world if he thinks for a minute that he has the power to launch a nuclear attack. He doesn’t. That power is reserved for the Joint Chief’s for the simple fear that someday someone as imbalanced as Trump would sit in the oval office threatening NUCLEAR WAR.


Just the threat of such action to swat a mere flea shows that Trump is too imbalanced for the Oval Office. Just like Obama, Trump is easily insulted by next to nothing. But the laughable if not terrifying thought that Donald Trump would have a RED NUCLEAR Button on his desk is incomprehensible. I am glad to say that most of the media today is dismissing Trump’s Button Fantasy as fiction.

So when is the US Going to fly apart?


According to the RINOs, Trump’s defective leadership and obnoxious views have already created a massive void which China is filling. The Chinese vision is one of global trade. They are not interested in enforcing any particular political viewpoint on any nation. Their view is trading solves most all problems if given the chance, and they are investing heavily in Asia to accomplish that.


The key to all this strategy by China is to dethrone the US Dollar as the reserve currency. I cannot stress strongly enough the terrible idea of both Obama and Trump to use the Dollar Reserve as a political weapon. It has the same effects of Chemical Warfare harming mostly women and children. A global reserve currency should be politically independent but Obama stupidly then TRUMP more stupidly used it as a political weapon.


Obama and Trump figured that if you starve out women and Children that somehow the elites like themselves will suffer. These sanctions can’t be policed and just because the UN puts on the sanctions doesn’t make them just. The game for the USA is coming to an end.


The biggest fear the US faces is the day when the Yuan trades in oil on the open markets. At that point, US dominance ends. That will occur in 2018 with the Wharton Scholar Trump at the helm of the sinking ship. That should give everyone in America cause for worry.



Pakistan Tweet results in Pakistan replacing the dollar with Yuan.

Within 10 hours of Trump’s Twitter bashing and threatening Pakistan, the nuclear nation announced it will replace the dollar with yuan for bilateral trade with Beijing. American’s are not paying attention to any of this. They are more concerned about Macy’s post-Christmas linen sales.


This is the foundation of the house falling. One cannot trade global commodities with a tainted politically weaponized currency. The stone has been cast here. When the dollar is replaced by Yuan or some crypto trading currency, the US Asset valuation will tumble including the dollar buying power. It will drop in half as did the pound sterling in 1944.

The US has some problem allies, mainly Japan.


It seems the Asian cultures which have long memories are not ready to forgive Japan for its WWII conduct. Asians do not possess the goldfish American styrofoam short attention span throw away memories.  Chinese who were US Allies were brutally tortured by the Japanese and it is fresh on their minds now that the tables are turned.


South Koreans had to sacrifice their women as “Comfort Women” to the Japanese Armed Forces. Of course, if you are a stupid American you don’t give a crap as long as your Toyota keeps running and your Sony camcorder is working.


But China and Korea are not happy about the US trying to re-militarize Japan. Japan has gotten pushy in the South China Seas over islands they took from the Chinese in WWII. That does not sit well with China. This is part of why China is building their own islands.


As for North Korea, many in South Korea think antagonism from the USA and Trump should cease.  Military drills are causing increasing tension in South Korea.  An accident could happen. Further, South Korea sees the USA weaponizing Japan as undesirable. If left in the hands of the Chinese, South Korea, and North Korea might be able to work together in matters of trade. The US DMZ strategy has caused a festering antagonism for many years.

Here is a good laugh from the Grifter…

With all of the failed “experts” weighing in, does anybody really believe that talks and dialogue would be going on between North and South Korea right now if I wasn’t firm, strong and willing to commit our total “might” against the North. Fools, but talks are a good thing!

Fools and Knaves:

While Trump took credit for North Korea opening its cross-communication with South Korea, it was clearly a move advised directly by China and Russia to replace the Trump Administration threats of Nuclear war with open dialog. Further with Trump Administration weaponizing Japan, South Korea, and North Korea see a more common alley in China. Trump is clearly the Knave!




US involvement in the Korea Civil War was costly.

The more Trump threatens North Korea with military action and befriends Japan, the less South Korea likes the approach. South Korea and China are becoming closer. The soft glove trade approach seems more workable. It worked in Vietnam. Asian Communist countries have thriving Capitalism. It surely wasn’t John McCain that brought Capitalism to Vietnam. It was the Chinese.


Trump’s approach to protectionism is poorly placed when only 16% of the US GDP is based on manufacturing and much of that dedicated to State Run Weapons businesses. China’s soft-glove approach makes more sense than Blowhard Trump shouting insults into a microphone.


I wonder what Kid Zombie thinks about the whole thing?

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