The mark of intelligence is a precision vocabulary. Trump speaks like an idiot but he speaks so frequently that he has actually managed to kill a few words and phrases by overuse. Fake News is the top “unword” for 2018. Trump uses the word more than anyone in the world in using it has managed to burn the phrase to the ground. He has other words as well but the double  “Very Very BAD” phrase needs to go as well.  2018 BANNED WORDS CUT TRUMPS FIFTH GRADER VOCABULARY 50 PERCENT.



MAGA has also run its course.

This also applies to Drudge who uses the shorthand “Great Again.” With a nearly 60% disapproval rating, the highest in Presidential history “Great Again” does seem a bit misplaced. Perhaps “Not So Great Again” would be more appropriate.


Worn out ad hominem attacks.

“Crooked Hillary” was funny the first few times but it is not funny anymore. In fact, it’s now annoying to most Republicans. Hillary is simply not a threat to Trump so the constant personal attack looks childish if not moronic. While Clinton may be despised by many, she is still a woman and most men do not show public disrespect for women even those that continue to force themselves into the public limelight.

“Pocohantas” is another taboo ad hominem attack that has grown long in the tooth. I am not sure why Trump wears out expressions. Forget the idea of polite and presidential. Trump is rude to the point that it appears pathological. It is stomach turning. Insulting people to death is not “Winning.” Which brings us to our next “unword”… “Winning.”


You can tell Trump was never an athlete.

To an athlete, winning is doing one’s best. To improve and become accomplished is winning. When Trump uses the term he expressly uses it to gloat that somebody else lost at something. That is a very alien concept to an athlete and common only to loudmouth spectators that have never competed in sport. In fact, most athletes are humble and well aware that an opponent put up a competitive struggle. But a true athlete knows you don’t always win. Some days you go down in defeat. It is not a disgrace or dishonor. It just happens.

Trump is known to cheat at golf. That’s just pathetic. A man who cheats at casual sport is the lowest of the low. What is he cheating to prove?


We would like to see a Match Game between Trump and Obama.

Obama is not known for cheating on a Golf Course. So it would be interesting to see Trump and Obama go at it in a Nationally Televised game. Until then we want the term “Winning” stricken from 2018 because Cheating isn’t Winning. Appointing a Supreme Court Justice with a simple majority in violation of the Constitution is not “winning.”  It is a form of cheating.

I have no real beef with Gorsuch other than I don’t think he is very Conservative. He certainly is no Scalia. He is more like Justice “Gay Marriage” Kennedy or Chief Justice John “Obamacare Tax” Roberts.


Phillip Roth of the New Yorker said the following about Trump:

“I found much that was alarming about being a citizen during the tenures of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush. But, whatever I may have seen as their limitations of character or intellect, neither was anything like as humanly impoverished as Trump is: ignorant of government, of history, of science, of philosophy, or art, incapable of expressing or recognizing subtlety or nuance, destitute of all decency, and wielding a vocabulary of seventy-seven words that is better called Jerkish than English.”

I find the Trump Kids to be equally mentally deprived.

Think about it. If you were a Trump Kid you could have gone to any college in the world. You could have studied medicine or physics or liberal arts. The doors would have flown opened and everything would have been financially covered. Instead, what do you have? You have grifters with the same peculiar stunted minds of Daddy Donald, himself a product of inheritance.

You can’t talk about Barron Trump but I think his name is laughable. Why not name him King Trump or Emporer Trump? I don’t know a thing about the kid other that Rosey O’Donnald saying he was autistic. I don’t know that to be true but I do know that Barron appears very awkward in photos and staged. Trump, Trophy and Kid Zombie.

Obama’s kids appeared to be normal other than his HARVARD BOUND eldest daughter’s apparently insatiable desire to smoke pot for the paparazzi cameras. I would love to see her SAT scores; not that the little po head didn’t “EARN” her place at Harvard. LOL.


Other Trump words that have to go in 2018:

One of the grifter’s favorite words and cheapest words is “guarantee.” That term is about as valuable in Trump’s hands as a degree from Trump University. He guaranteed that Mexico would pay for the Wall. What Wall?  In fact, the word Wall should be stricken from Trump usage too.

Trump also frequently uses the words moron, stupid, lightweight, dumb. Clearly, these are words reflecting his inner idiot.


Trump blamed Obama for using the Teleprompter:

Trump now uses it for all his endless campaign stops and visits back to his ever-shrinking base. There Trump uses words such as Borders, Wall, Swamp repeatedly. When Trump describes legislation written by the Swampmaster Paul Ryan, Trump hailed it as “Terrific.”

TrumpCrapCare known as “repeal and replace” was hailed by Trump as “Terrific.” So was RINOTAX. So Don Terrific lives in some kind of bizarre illusion considering he never reads anything. In fact, Don Terrific has claimed to never having read a single book cover to cover. AND IT SHOWS TRUMP!


I think Trump was trying to spell the word COVERAGE. Coffee which is closer to spelling would have made no sense.

Image result for covfefe tweet

A “Covfefe” has now come to mean an embarrassing Social moment. That too as a “word” from 2017, needs to be dead and buried. Though to me it represents a recklessness of Tweets which shows profound disregard not only for language but meaning. My guess is that Trump suffers from Linguistic Autism.



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